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How to Purchase Studio Ghibli Toys from Amazon Japan

You can now purchase popular Studio Ghibli Toys directly from Amazon Japan to be shipped to your country. Currently, they ship to the USA and over 65 other countries. All you need to do is register for a free Amazon Japan account. You can not use Amazon USA or an account from other countries as they won’t work.



Studio Ghibli Toys

You can browse toys by types and we will take a look at the top 3 popular toys from each section.

Model Kits

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Okino House Minituare Kit

okino house

Kiki’s Delivery Service Miniture Kit

Recreate the Okino House from the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service. About the size of a hand, you don’t need an experience to create one. No need to paint and just follow the connected lines to cut and assemble. Tools you need are ruler, tweezers, exacto knife, cutter mat and glue.



Spirited Away: Aburaya (Bathhouse) MK07-10

Spirited Away: Aburaya (Bathhouse) MK07-10

Bathhouse from the movie Spirited Away

This is a 1/150 Scale miniature bathhouse paper kit from the movie Spirited Away by Ghibli Studio. Not an easy kit but the final result is stunning.



Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso FJ 3 aircraft model

Porco Rosso 1/72 Scale Plastic Model

This is the original model supervised by Hayao Mizayaki that appeared in the movie Porco Rosso. To build this model kit, you need to assemble and paint.



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My Neighborhood Totoro Balance Game

My Neighbor Totoro Game

Put Characters on top of each other.

This game is ideal for gifts for someone you know that loves My Neighborhood Totoro. Place characters on top of each other without them collapsing. Recommended for both adults and kids.



 Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Playing Cards

Spirited Away Playing Card

Spirited Away Playing Card Game by Ensky Co.

Trump playing cards with scenes from the movie Spirited Away.



Castle in the Sky Balance Game

place solider robots on top of each other without them collapsing!

Castle in the Sky Balance Game by Ensky Co.

Another balance game by Ensky Co. from the movie Castle in the Sky. Try to balance by placing the robots on top of each other without them falling.



Jigsaw Puzzles

My Neighbor Totoro Opened Mouth Jigsaw Puzzle – 1000 Pieces

jigsaw puzzle - scene from the movie My Neighbor Totoro

1000-Piece My Neighbor Totoro Jigsaw Puzzle

When complete, the size of the jigsaw puzzle is 20″ x 30″. Available for limited time only.



Princess Mononoke Poster Mini Puzzle – 150 Pieces

princess mononoke 150 piece puzzle

150 Piece Princess Mononoke Poster Puzzle

With only 150 pieces, this puzzle will not take you days to complete. Perfect for beginner level.



Studio Ghibli Lanscape from My Neighbor Totoro – 950 Pieces

950 pieces landscape puzzle from the movie My Neighbor Totoro

Landscape puzzle from My Neighbor Totoro

Stunning landscape puzzle by Oga Kazuo, the background artist for Ghibli. Size is 34cm x 102cm.



Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

Black Soots Vibrating Strap

vibrating black soots doll from my neighbor totoro

black soots plush doll

About 7cm, all you have to do is pull and it vibrates. From the anime by Hayao Miyazaki.



My Neighbor Totoro – Big Totoro Tissue Case (Laughs)

laughing totoro tissue case

Tissue from Totoro’s Stomach.

Feeling lonely? Grab a tissue from Totoro’s stomach to hear the laugh.



Ponyo Hand Puppet Plush Doll

Hand puppet doll from the movie Ponyo

Ponyo 8″ long hand puppet doll

Hand puppet doll for school plays or even a golf club cover? Yeah, why not?


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