My Neighbor Totoro 1000 Piece Puzzle Frame

1000 piece totoro picture frame

After all the hard work of finishing the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, it might be a good idea to hang your masterpiece. Luckily, Ensky (the maker of the Ghibli jigsaw puzzle) you can purchase one directly from Amazon Japan.

Ghibli 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Frame

Brown Jigsaw Puzzle frame by Ensky

brown puzzle frame by Ensky
Brown frame

This brown frame by Ensky measures 50cm x 75cm with a beautifully textured frame. Susuwatari is expressed in the relief.

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Green Jigsaw Puzzle frame by Ensky

green puzzle frame by Ensky for Totoro 1000 puzzle piece
Green Frame

This green frame by Ensky measures 50cm x 75cm which perfectly fits Totoro 1000 piece puzzle. Susuwatari is expressed in the relief.

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Modern Frame by Chamber Art (Choose from 6 colors)

puzzle frame by chamber art. compatible with totoro 1000-piece puzzle
puzzle frame by chamber art

Custom made modern style puzzle frame. Choose from six different colors – Sky Blue, Brown, Black, White, Light Pink and Silver.

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Wooden 1000 Piece Puzzle Frame by Epoch

50cm x 75cm wooden frame for ghibli 1000 piece puzzle
wooden puzzle frame

This natural wood picture frame is designed exclusively for puzzle pieces. 

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