Let’s attach to stairs and play! “Pokémon Stairs 2 After Rain City” is available for preorder on Amazon Japan! From Pikachu to Larvitar, there are 6 types available

Introducing RE-MET’s “Pokémon Stairs 2 After Rain City complete set: Chewing gum included” preorderable on Amazon Japan!

Attachable ‘360 degree cute’ fresh feeling Pokémon figures.  If you collect and join them, you can make a spiral staircase!


  • All 6 varieties (6 in 1 box. 1 of each type)
  • Company: RE-MENT
  • Market value: 5,280 (tax inc.)
  • Amazon price: 4,199 (tax inc.)
  • Amazon preorder date: 2019-07-06
  • Sold: 2019-10-08

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