Shop with these Delicious looking Food Designs on your Eco Bags! With the storage pouch included, Epoch’s new capsule toy appears!!

Introducing epoch’s new capsule toy: Eco bags with delicious looking food prints!  They’re big, at around 34×26 cm, so they’re perfect for going shopping for some food!

Each come with its own storage pouch, and there are 5 varieties!

  • Yaki-imo (Sweet Potato) Eco Bag
  • Taiyaki (Fish Shaped Pastry) Eco Bag
  • Chuukaman (Chinese Steamed Bug) Eco Bag
  • Amatsu-Amakuri (Broiled Chestnut) Eco Bag
  • Yakitate-pan (Fresh Baked Bread) Eco Bag


Freshly Made Delicious Eco Bag

  • Capsule Goods
  • 5 Varieties
  • Size: Approximately 34×26 cm (Eco Bag) 

Approximately 10×10 cm (Storage Pouch)

  • Company: Epoch Co.
  • Price: 300¥per (Tax Included)
  • Sold September 2019  

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