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Shop with these Delicious looking Food Designs on your Eco Bags! With the storage pouch included, Epoch’s new capsule toy appears!!

By December 10th, 2020No Comments

Introducing epoch’s new capsule toy: Eco bags with delicious looking food prints!  They’re big, at around 34×26 cm, so they’re perfect for going shopping for some food!

Each come with its own storage pouch, and there are 5 varieties!

  • Yaki-imo (Sweet Potato) Eco Bag
  • Taiyaki (Fish Shaped Pastry) Eco Bag
  • Chuukaman (Chinese Steamed Bug) Eco Bag
  • Amatsu-Amakuri (Broiled Chestnut) Eco Bag
  • Yakitate-pan (Fresh Baked Bread) Eco Bag


Freshly Made Delicious Eco Bag

  • Capsule Goods
  • 5 Varieties
  • Size: Approximately 34×26 cm (Eco Bag) 

Approximately 10×10 cm (Storage Pouch)

  • Company: Epoch Co.
  • Price: 300¥per (Tax Included)
  • Sold September 2019  

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