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PC cushion and armrest set Gengar available for Pre-Order at P-Bandai Japan!

By December 23rd, 2022No Comments

Gengar is a ghost type Pokemon, the final form of Gastly. It comes as a plush cushion and armrest set.

It’s a great companion when you are studying or working on your home or office computer. You can put the Gengar between your desk and body or you can use the armrest separately to prevent straining your hands. During your break, you can also use the Gengar as a pillow for that much needed power nap.


1 piece Plush Cushion
1 piece Armrest

Polyester/Synthetic Rubebr

Width 50cm x Height 42cm x Depth 40cm

  • Company: P-Bandai japan
  • Price: 5,720 yen (tax included)
  • Sold December 2020  




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