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Beyblade Buying Guide – How to Purchase Beyblade from Japan

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Are you looking to purchase brand new or used Beyblades from Japan? But don’t know how? I offer a service here in Japan to purchase the items here and ship overseas. Why would you need my service? Most websites in Japan does not ship overseas and one method is to use middle-man to purchase the items. I operate a website called WakuWakuMono ( and products can be purchased from any website in Japan (as long as it is legal to ship overseas) and ship to customers.

If you are interested in seeing some of the items I ship overseas, head over to my Youtube channel –

Beyblade Japanese Names

List of terms translated from English to Japanese (If you want to find a model and want me to translate it, please leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to assist)

BeyBlade = ベイブレード
Beyblade Burst = ベイブレードバースト
Beyblade Launcher = ベイブレードランチャー
Beyblade New = ベイブレード 新商品
Beyblade Used = ベイブレード 中古
Light Launcher = ライトランチャー
Dragoon MS Ultimate = ドラグーンMSアルティメット
Dragoon MS = ドラグーンMS
Gaia Dragoon MS = ガイアドラグーンMS
Driger MS = ドライガーMS
Draciel MS = ドラシエルMS
Rock Leone = ロックレオーネ
Dark Wolf = ダークヴォルフ
Storm Pegasus = ストームペガシス
Lightning L-Drago = ライトニングエルドラゴ
Flame Libra = フレイムリブラ
Storm Capricorn = ストームカプリコーネ
Burn Phoenix = バーンフェニックス
Rock Escolpio = ロックエスコルピオ
Poison Serpent = ポイズンサーペント
Metal Face Green = メタルフェイス グリーン
Digital Power Launcher Pegasis = デジタルパワーランチャー ペガシス
Galaxy Pegasus = ギャラクシーペガシス
Gravity Perseus = グラビティペルセウス
Meteo L Drago = メテオエルドラゴ
Ray Unicorno = レイユニコルノ
Tornado Herculeo = トルネードヘラクレオ
Pegasus = ペガシス
Libra = リブラ
Samurai ifrit = サムライフレイド

How to Search on Your Own

In this example, I’m using Amazon Japan but the same method applies to any website. See below for some of the Japanese shopping websites. I recommend you use Google Chrome browser, which will translate from Japanese to your language.

  1. Head over to
  2. Copy and paste one of the terms from above. For this example, I’m going to copy & paste “ベイブレード” (Beyblade)
  3. If you are using Google Chrome browser, click “translate” which should be shown at the top.
  4. Click the item you are interested.
  5. If you want to purchase the item, go to my website to copy & paste the website link.

Online Shopping Sites (Direct links to the Beyblades) – (Good website to find used and also new Beyblade) (pre-order, new, used) (used, new) (pre-order, new) (pre-order, new)

Google Search

Beyblade Bestsellers – Japan

What is your fee?

– $5.00 USD for item under 5,000 YEN
– 10% over 5,000 YEN
– Each additional item is $1.50 USD (Only from the same store, if you are buying more than 1 quantity of the same item, this does not apply)
– PayPal transaction fee to receive the payment

How much does the shipping cost?

SAL Small package – About 2 – 3 weeks delivery after dispatch to most countries. Please note that no tracking method can take longer.

– With tracking/registered mail = Approximately $7 to $15 (About 1 to 3 Beyblade)
– No tracking = Approximately $4 to $10 (About 1 to 3 Beyblade)

How to Purchase?

Once you have found the Beyblade you want to purchase, head over to, copy & paste the website link and I’ll be able to provide you the estimate. 

How to Pay?

All transactions are done through PayPal. You can pay with credit card without PayPal account.

Still, have questions?

Leave me a comment in this post and I’ll get back to you soon asap.

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