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Where to Buy Japanese Snacks Online

By December 10th, 2020No Comments

where to buy japanese snacks online cheap

Don’t know where to buy Japanese snacks near you? How about we deliver the Japanese snacks and candies to your front door? WakuWakuMono provides a shopping service from Japan and we ship worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the popular websites to purchase snacks and confectionary. One of the benefits of finding snacks and candies through Japanese websites is that you get to try stuff not available outside of Japan. Do you know how many types of Pocky sticks we have in Japan? Too many to list and on top of that, they release limited items for each season. So, you might be asking but how do I purchase from Japan? Simply browse through the websites mentioned below (In English) and once you find something you want to purchase, copy the product link and paste it in the form below. The Japanese language is not necessary to browse the website, as Google translate will guide us. 😃 Once we receive your request, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimated price quote.

Things to Remember While Shopping

  • All the items will be shipped from Japan, so your goal should be to keep the cost down by selecting items that are under 100g per each item.
  • Shipping method I recommend is via Small SAL, which comes with tracking and takes about 2 weeks after dispatch to most countries.
  • When purchasing snacks, I recommend 60g bags or less because you can fit about 10 to 20 bags and can be shipped via SAL Small.

Lohaco japanese snacks

Lohaco ( – Minimum Order is $19.00

Lohaco is a Japanese e-commerce formed by Askul and Yahoo! JAPAN. In case you don’t know, Yahoo! Japan is very popular here and they dominate the internet auctions. Yahoo! JAPAN is the eBay of Japan.


  • Free domestic shipping on over 1,900 Yen (about $19 USD).
  • Huge selection of snacks & confectionary (last time we checked, over 3,000!!!)
  • The Website is simple and easy to use.


  • Most items, minimum to purchase is 2 or 3. If you want to purchase just one, Yodobashi might be a better option.

Browse Categories

1. Japanese Potato Snacks


2. Japanese Sweet Potato Snacks


3. Japanese Wheat Snacks


4. Japanese Popcorn


5. Japanese Corn Snacks


6. Japanese Bean Snacks


7. Japanese Rice Snacks


8. Japanese Ramen Snacks


amazon japan snacks and sweets

Amazon Japan (


  • Pre-order snacks not available yet.


  • You have to purchase in bulk.

Best Sellers in Snacks & Sweets – Amazon Japan

amazon japan ranking - snacks


Snack Categories- Amazon Japan

snacks category - amazon japan


Yodobashi (

Yodobashi is known for selling cameras at their retail stores in Japan. But recently, they’ve been making a big push by offering competitive prices on the net.


  • Only want to purchase one of each snack? You can do that with Yodobashi!
  • Free shipping, no minimum order


  • Some items, you are limited to just 1 item
  • Selection not big as the Lohaco or Amazon Japan

How to Purchase?

Simply copy and paste the website link (URL) and quantity you want for each in the form below and we’ll be able to provide you a quote with our fee.

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