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How to Order Gundam Replacement Parts from Japan (Step-by-Step)

By August 2, 2017June 20th, 2018155 Comments

Did you lose or break your Gundam parts? Are you stressed out and don’t know how to order Gundam replacement parts from Japan? Bandai Japan does not ship parts overseas and you must be in Japan to order the parts. Not from Japan? No worries! 🙂 Please take advantage of using our service where we purchase the parts on your behalf from Japan and ship to your country. All parts are genuine replacement parts/runners and purchased directly through Bandai Japan. At the time of this writing, Gundam runners and individual parts can be purchased. How do you check if they are available or not? Keep reading to find out.

What do I need?

  • All you need is the manual that came with your Gundam model.
  • Did you lose your manual? A website worth checking out is

Gundam Runners 

To check if the Gundam runner is available or not, click the following link.

1. From your Gundam manual, find the page that looks similar to this image. 

gundam manual with code

2. Enter the code from the previous step. Please IGNORE the letter R. Click the button below the code field to see the available runners.

enter the fundamental code

3. If you see the following Kanji, this means the runner is out of stock. If the runner is not available, you can check if individual parts are available.

individual gundam parts check

Individual Gundam Parts

If the runners are not available, follow the steps below to check if individual Gundam parts are available.

Click the following click to get started.

1. Enter the code here. Again, please do not enter the letter R. Click the magnifying glass.individual part check

2. Results will show. The circle means it is in stock. The triangle means limited stock. If you see X next to your part, unfortunately, it is not available at the moment.

individual parts

Use our Service to Order the Gundam Parts

If the Gundam part/runner you are looking for is available and want to use our service to order the parts, please send us an email with the following information.

  • A copy of the parts order form from your manual (JPEG or PDF is fine). This is only necessary if you are ordering individual parts. For runners, just email us your Gundam code that starts with the letter R.
  • Runner/Part # and quantity.
  • Your Country.

Service Fee

Once you have gathered the necessary information above, please fill out the online form by visiting and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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