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Surugaya International Shipping

Surugaya International Shipping (

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Surugaya international shipping method is not available? WakuWakuMono provides a personal shopping service from Japan and we provide worldwide shipping.

Worldwide Shipping from Japan - WakuWakuMono Shopping Proxy

Already know the items you want to order from Surugaya ( Great! Simply fill out the form below to receive the price quote.

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Surugaya Specialty Store

Surugaya is both an online and retail store in Japan. They sell many new & second-hand items for a reasonable price. Nothing cutting edge about the website and you might be thinking are they a legitimate site to purchase? The answer is yes, as we have ordered many items for our international customers. Looking for Naruto or Gundam items on a budget? You just might be able to find rare items for cheap and might go on a buying binge. Be careful! 🙂

Surugaya English

To browse the website in English or any other language, using Google Chrome browser is highly recommended. If you prefer not to download Google Chrome browser, you can click on the image below to access the site in English from using any web browser.

surabaya international shipping - english

How to Search for Products

Tempted to search using English? While it is possible, you’ll get better results in Japanese. Take Naruto for example. By performing the search in English, it returned 5,395 results are shown at the time of this blog post.

surugaya search results in English

That is a lot of stuff but let’s perform the same search in Japanese ナルト. This time it returned 11,548 items!!! More than double when compared to the search result in English. Not that you have time to look at everything, but it definitely helps to search in Japanese.

surugaya search results in Japanese

Don’t know the word in Japanese? Please leave us a comment below this blog post and we’ll be happy to assist.

Conditions of the Second-Hand (Used) Items

Here are some of the used Gundam models purchased from Surugaya. Most of the used items they sell are in a range of fair to great condition. You might hesitate to purchase since they don’t show any photos of the actual item other than just saying Used. Rest assured that if the item is severely damaged and unusable, they won’t be selling it.

surugaya gundam model 01 - used

surugaya gundam model 02 - used

surugaya gundam model 03 - used

surugaya gundam model 04 - used

Domestic Shipping Cost

At the time of this blog post, Surugaya offers free shipping if the total is over 1,500 yen (about $15.00 USD). Even if the total is under 1,500 yen, shipping is reasonable. One important point to note here is that Surugaya takes about 1 to 2 weeks before they ship the items. The reason? They have items in different store locations and they have to first gather all the items first prior to the shipment. 

International Shipping Cost from Japan

The secret to purchasing from Japan is not to buy anything too heavy! 🙂 Like a comic book set…   
If the weight and size of the items are small, it can qualify for a reduced shipping rate via SAL Small. Maximum shipping weight is 2kg (approximately 4.4lbs) and you can see the maximum box size below. For example, if the weight of the package is exactly 2kg and it meets the size limit, shipping to the USA will be around $24.00 w/tracking #. Delivery time is about 7 to 14 days w/tracking. Other countries take about 2 to 4 weeks.
SAL Small box size and weight limit


Customs Duty

Some countries, a tariff or tax imposed on goods shipped overseas. To find out if you have to pay, please use Google search engine to find out. 

For example, type of following to learn more about the customs duty.
customs duty + your country
customs duty - wakuwakumono


Other Online Shops to Consider

Amazon Japan

register for free amazon japan account - button
For certain items, you can purchase directly from Amazon Japan without the need of using a personal shopping assistance. We have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy stuff from Amazon Japan for international delivery. Click the button below to see the blog post.

Otamart (Peer-to-Peer Marketplace)

Otamart Japan Buying Guide

Similar to eBay, they have a lot of anime related goods sold by individuals. Brand new and used items for sale. To learn more about Otamart Japan, read our How to Buy from Otamart guide below.




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