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How to Order Items from Amazon Japan – 2016

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So, in this video I’ll be showing you how to order items from Amazon Japan to be shipped to your country. Why pay someone else to have items shipped to you if you can do it yourself. Right? Do remember that not all items are available for international shipping. For those items not available for international shipping, you can use my service where I buy the items on your behalf, here in Japan and ship to you. Service fee starts at $5, so please check out my website for more details.



Method #1 – How to search for items available for global shipping

Now let’s look at how to order from Amazon Japan

Step #1 – Go to

To purchase items from Amazon Japan, you must first go to which is the Amazon website here in Japan.You might want to change the language to English by clicking “In English” at the top of the menu bar. This way you’ll be able to read and navigate the website easier if you can’t read Japanese.

amazon japan english-01v2

Step #2 – Create an Account

Next, scroll your mouse over “Your Account” at the top right and click “Start Here” for new customers. You only need to enter your name, email and password to create an Amazon Japan account initially. It is that simple!

new customer start here - 02log-in-04

Step #3 – Search for items

Now let’s search for items that are available for international shipping. After you have created the Amazon Japan account, go to “Shop by Department” at the top left corner. So let’s say you want to purchase toys and hobby related toys.

toys hobby - 05

From here click your sub-category, I only want to look at figures. Click Figures.

figures - 06

Now, scroll down till you see the “international shipping” and make sure to check the box next to the AmazonGlobal Eligiable. This will filter out items only available for international shipping. And if you happen to know the name of the item, you can enter the keywords in this search box.

amazon international shipping - 07
Step #04 – Add an item.

I’m going to click this item and add to my shopping cart. You can pick any other item from this list. Let’s proceed to checkout.

select item - 08

add to cart - 09

Step #5 – Checkout

On this page, you want to click “Add an international address” I’ll go ahead and enter an address in America. To make the process easier, just make sure the billilling address on your credit card matches your delivery address. Click “Continue”

add an international address - 10

You’ll see on the next page below the Choose a shipping speed, Make sure the “AmazonGlobal International Shipping” is selected. Click “Continue” again.

choose shipping speed - 11

Here you need to select your payment method. I’ll use credit card for this transaction. Click “add a new card”

Enter your information here and click “Add your card”

After you have done that, it will ask to select your currency. I’m going to select US dollar, but if your credit card is from different country, select your country from the drop down menu.

add a new card - 12

currency - 13

Click continue and you’ll see the price of your shipping & handling fee plus estimated shipping date. **They use DHL international shipping for shipments to USA. You might want to ask if they use the same for your country.

shipping - 14v2

Method #2 – Go directly to Amazon Global Shipping page

amazon japan global shipping

Another method is to go directly to the AmazonGlobal page where it will have all the categories for Global shipping and also additional information about AmazonGlobal. You can search products by Category that are Amazon Global eligible.

Here is the direct link to the AmazonGlobal page.

amazon japan global shipping eligible v2

How to Contact Amazon Japan

I actually asked Amazon Japan if they can also provide Delivery date as well, but at this time they don’t have this feature but I’m sure pretty it will be added later.

Usually in Japan, things are very efficient and shipped within the same day (even on weekends) or next day.

Now, I also want to tell you one very useful feature to assist you in the shopping process. If you want to ask Amazon Japan a question about a product or shipping, you can actually ask them in English! Yes, in English! …

Step #1 – Go to Contact Us page

From the main home page, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click “Contact Us” and click “Contact Us” below the “General Support”

contact us - 15

general support - 16

Step #2 – Choose the issue you are having

Here, select what you need help with. I’m going to select An order I placed. I’m going to select Delivery Issue and Check Status of Order. Scroll down and click Chat to speak to Amazon Japan customer service.

Pop up window will come up and enter the problems or questions you have in this box to start the chat. Please do remember that this customer service is only available during business hours in Japan, so just check the local time in Japan before you come to this page. Easiest way to find out the time is go to and enter “time japan” and you’ll see the current time here. They are open from 9:00 to 21:00 everyday of the week.


Again, if you happen to find items that are not eligible for AmazonGlobal shipping, please consider my service where I purchase the items on your behalf here in Japan and ship to you. I also check the items before shipment for any damage and to double check if the item is correct. I can purchase not only from Amazon Japan but all the shopping sites in Japan. Also special requests such as purchasing tickets or local pickups for shipments can be made.


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