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Where Can I Buy Japanese Manga Online

By January 22nd, 20175 Comments

You can now purchase Japanese manga directly from Amazon Japan. It is an easy and simple process and you don’t need to know the language to purchase. All Amazon Japan requires is an email address for you to register the account to start shopping. Because of the growing popularity of the Japanese manga, they have a dedicated page called AmazonGlobal Otaku Store. All the items here can be shipped to the USA and more than 65 other countries. Shipped via DHL Express with insurance and tracking number.

amazonglobal otaku store japan

Product you want is not available for international shipping?

Use our proxy service and we ship the products to your country. Contact us at

Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to buy manga from Amazon Japan

Step #1
Create an account with Amazon Japan Very simple process, all they need is an email address to open an account. They do not require shipping address or credit card information initially. Only when you purchase an item, they would need your personal info.



Step #2
Go to the Manga store page
Direct link to the page is here —> Amazon Manga store

Why Amazon Japan?

Amazon Japan has great prices, fast shipping, excellent customer support (in English!) and a humongous catalog for you to browse. For items not available for international shipping, you can use our proxy service to purchase the item. Just email us the link to the item to Here is the list of comic publishers they carry. Numbers inside the parenthesis are a number of books they carry for that particular publisher.

Jump Comics (55)
Big Comics (40)
Young Jump Comics (40)
Shonen Champion Comics (37)
Flower Comics (34)
Weekly Shonen Magazine KC (29)
Hana to Yume Comics (27)
Margaret Comics (24)
Shonen Sunday Comics (22)
Young Magazine KC (22)
KC Deluxe (21)
Action Comics (19)
Young King Comics (19)
Bamboo Comics (17)
Manga Time KR Comics (17)
Champion RED Comics (16)
Kadokawa Comics Ace (15)
Morning KC (15)
Young Gangan Comics (15)
Evening KC (13)
Gangan Comics (13)
Dengeki Comics (12)
Manga Time KR Comics Forward Series (12)
Flower Comics Alpha (11)
Yanmaga KC Special (11)
Manga Time Comics (10)
Ribon Mascot Comics (10)
Jets Comics (9)
Nichibun Comics (9)
Zenon Comics (9)
Feel Comics (8)
Gangan Comics Joker (8)
Gangan Comics Online (8)
Sunday GX Comics (8)
Afternoon KC (7)
Shonen Sunday Comics Special (7)
Wings Comics (7)
Young Champion Retsu (7)
Aizouban Comics (6)
Big Comics Special (6)
Birz Comics (6)
Asuka Comics CL-DX (5)
Bonita Comics (5)
Bunch Comics (5)
Dear Plus Comics (5)
Gessan Monthly Shonen Sunday Comics (5)
Kindai Mahjong Comics (5)
Sirius KC (5)
Tento Chu Comics (5)
Young Sunday Comics (5)
Young Sunday Comics (5)
Zenon Comics DX (5)
Blade Comics (4)
DNA Media Comics (4)
Young Champion Comics (4)
ZERO-SUM Comics (4)
Bessatsu Friend KC (3)
Birz Comics Deluxe (3)
Dragon Comics Age (3)
G Fantasy Comics (3)
Gum Comics Plus (3)
Queens Comics (3)
Rex Comics (3)
ARIA (2) Asuka Comics DX (2)
Beam Comics (2)
drap Comics (2)
Flex Comics (2)
G Fantasy Comics Super (2)
Kibo Comics (2)
Kodansha Comics Friend (2)
Kodansha Manga Bunko (2)
MF Comics Flapper Series (2)
Office You (2)
Princess Comics (2)
Shueisha Bunko Comic (2)
SP Comics (2)
Tokuma Comics (2)
4 Koma Manga Gekijo (1)
Bamboo Comics DOKI SELECT (1)
Bamboo Comics NAMAIKI SELECT (1)
Bamboo Comics Reijin Selection (1)
Bamboo Comics VITAMAN SELECT (1)
Dengeki Comics EX (1)
Flower Comics Special (1)
Gangan Comics Deluxe (1)
gateau Comics (1)
Gum Comics (1)
Hakusensha Bunko (1)
Hanaoto Comics (1)
Jump Comics Deluxe (1)
Magazine ZKC (1)
Magi-Cu Comics (1)
MF Comics Da Vinci Series (1)
Million Comics (1)
Misshii Comics (1)
Playboy Comics (1)
Princess Comics Puchi Puri (1)
Rival KC (1)
Ryu Comics (1)
Shonen Champion Comics Extra (1)
Super B Boy Comics (1)
Un Poco Comics (1)
Young Comic Comics (1)
Yuri Hime Comics (1)


  • Cesar says:

    I have a question, if i buy manga from amazon it has to be new or can i buy the used manga that are usually cheaper ?

    • wakuwakumono says:

      Hello Cesar,
      Used items are usually cheaper. But if you are purchasing a comic book set, the shipping cost can be high.

  • rafael says:

    Hey I am in australia if I order shonen jump that comes out every week how long would it take to arrive.

    • wakuwakumono says:

      Hello Rafael,
      Thank you for the comment. Cheapest shipping method with tracking to Australia takes about 2 weeks. If you are interested, let me know. Thanks! (^^)

      • rafael says:

        How much will this be in aud? also if it takes two weeks to come for a magazine that comes out every week how would this work?

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