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Saber + Zenkaiger Super Hero

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Saber + Zenkaiger Super Hero Senki / Theatrical Version Kamen Rider Revive Collector’s Pack Deluxe Edition First Production Limited Blu-ray

Saber + Zenkaiger Super Hero Senki

Saber + Zenkaiger Super Hero Senki

Amazon Japan Price: 8,300 JPY

Release Date December 1, 2021


Saber + Zenkaiger Super Hero Senki tells the story of Makoto, who was worried about writing a novel.

He picks up a mysterious book then after opening the book, immediately, he becomes surrounded by light.

Then, he found himself in the world of “Zenkaiger”, where humans and mechanical life forms coexist.

Later, the caretaker also wanders into the world of “Kamen Rider Saber” and meets Rintaro, nonetheless, the strange thing is that reality and story are mixed!

Afterwards, Makoto and the caretaker meet successive Kamen Riders, Super Sentai.

They also meet a mysterious boy.

Finally, is was just the beginning of the battle for the survival of the two big heroes.


Voice benefits

  • “Super Hero Senki” Sub-Voice Voice Drama: Imagine & Kikainoid Senki (planned)

  • “Super Hero Senki” Deputy Audio Commentary: Kamen Radi Ranger Business Trip Version (planned)

  • “Theatrical version Kamen Rider Revice” audio commentary (planned)


Other benefits

  • Special package specifications (planned)


Video benefits

  • Making “Super Hero Senki” (planned)

  • Making “Kamen Rider Revice” (planned)

  • Stage greeting (planned)

  • Non-super ED (planned)

  • PR collection (planned)

  • Data file (planned)  Poster visual (planned)




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