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How much does pocky cost in Japan?

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Pocky purchased outside of Japan can be quite expensive. So, how much does Pocky cost in Japan? Not much… You can purchase one for about $1.30. Here are a list of Pocky and the cost for each of them when purchased in Japan. Prices are culled from various Japanese websites.

how much does pocky cost in japan

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Pocky Chocolate

chocolate japanese pocky

About $1.30 USD

The Classic! Chocolate coated with rich pretzel baked to a light texture.

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Thin Pocky Cholate (Contains 50 sticks)

thin chocolate pocky

About $1.27 USD

Half the size compared to the regular Pocky chocolate. Each box contains 50 sticks.

Adult Milk Chocolate Pocky

adult milk pocky

About $1.42 USD

Heart Shaped Strawberry Pocky (ハートフル)

strawberry pocky

About $1.42 USD

Rich milk chocolate pretzel with a pie taste, which has been fermented with butter mixed and baked.

Almond Crush Chocolate Pocky

almond crush chocolate pocky

Luxurious Pocky that you can taste milk chocolate and the almond.

About $1.39 USD

Blueberry Pocky (ハートフル)

blueberry pocky

Blueberry flavored on a pretzel with pink-colored strawberry pulp.

Sold in convenience stores only in Japan.

Deep Matcha Pocky

deep green tea pocky

Green tea chocolate with two kinds of Matcha.

About $1.42 USD

Pocky Midi Chocolate

midi chocolate

Covered with crushed biscuit with whipped chocolate.

About $1.73 USD

Pocky Midi Strawberry

midi strawberry

Covered with whipped biscuit and chocolate. Released on December 27th, 2016.

About $1.73 USD

Pocky Trinity Almond

pocky trinity almond

Available for a limited time. Why Trinity? You have the rich almond cream coated on top of the crunchy biscuit stick, and then sprinkled with sea salt. 

About $2.51 USD

Pocky Trinity Orange Peel

pocky trinity orange peel

Available for a limited time. Stick with orange zest coated with chocolate cream made of cocoa power.

About $2.51 USD

Handy Pocky Milk



Coated milk chocolate in a biscuit.

About $1.15 USD

Handy Pocky Men’s

handy pocky mens

Limited Edition crisp chocolate. Labeled as Men’s to attract more male consumers. Not necessary only for men, though, so feel free to try to while it’s available for a limited time.

About $1.15 USD

Yasashii Pocky Milk

yasashii pocky milk

Pocky with condensed milk. Small enough to carry anywhere! Really!

About $0.76 USD

Yasashii Pocky Strawberry

yasashii pocky strawberry

Strawberry condensed milk Pocky.

About $0.76 USD

Pocky Chocolate – 9 bags

pocky chocolate 9 bags

Classic Pocky chocolate. Contains 9 bags inside.

About $2.36 USD

Pocky Strawberry – 9 bags

pocky strawberry 9 bags

Classic strawberry Pocky. Contains 9 bags.

About $2.36 USD

Pocky Chocolate Champagne

pocky chocolate champagne

Pocky Chocolate supervised by Chef Tsujiguchi. Fruity champagne with mild milk chocolate.

About $3.59 USD

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