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How to Purchase from for International Delivery – A Detailed Guide

A Step-by-Step tutorial on How to Purchase from

If you need to purchase books from for international delivery, follow the steps below. currently ships books via EMS, SAL and Airmail.

Step #1 – Create an Account

Go to website. From the top right side of the website, click the red icon with the following Japanese Kanji character. See the arrow from below.

How to Purchase from Honto.JP - Step 01 Create an Account

Step #2 – Go through the Registration Process

By clicking the Yahoo/Facebook/Gmail link, it will pre-populate the fields. For the sake of benefit of everyone, in this tutorial, we will enter each field manually.

Step 02 Enter your email address

Step 02 Enter Password


Enter your name in Katakana. It does not accept Romaji. Please visit 

Step 02 Enter Name in Katakana

Select Male or Female.

Step 02 - Select Male or Female

Your Birthday.

Step 02 Birthday

This section is if you have Honto membership card. Just skip this part and move on to the next section.

Step 02 Honto Membership Card

If you want to receive information about new releases, check all the boxes. Totally up to you in this section.

Step 02 Honto Emails

Complete the Registration by clicking the blue button below.

Step 02 Blue Button

You should see this message, which basically says you are done with the registration. Congrats! BUT, we are not done yet…

Step-02 Registration Complete


Step #3 – Add International Shipping Address

Before you can enter your country’s shipping address, you must enter a Japanese shipping address. You must be asking, well I don’t live in Japan so I don’t have a Japanese shipping address. Right?! I feel your pain 🙂 Luckily, you can get one for free through OPAS. OPAS is a package forwarding service for international users. Why are they giving out a free Japanese shipping address? Simply put, if you shop at most websites in Japan they will require a Japanese shipping address to ship the product you purchased. By using the OPAS shipping address, the items you purchased will be shipped to them. After OPAS receives the item, they will ship it to your country (for a fee, of course). A win-win for both parties. 

Product you want is not available for international shipping?

Use our proxy service and we ship the products to your country. Contact us at

To add international shipping address, go to this link

Step 03 Add International Shipping Address

Next, enter the Japanese address you got from OPAS. Very important! Make sure to enter it in Japanese as it won’t accept English.

On the next step, double check everything.

Step 03 Register Shipping Address

Step #4 – Add the item you want to purchase in the shopping cart

If you want to purchase a physical book and not an ebook, make sure you are in the right section. From the top menu, it is the middle button.

Step 04 Paper and Ebook

After you have found the book you want to purchase, click the add to cart button. See below.

Step 04 Add to Cart

Proceed to the checkout by clicking this button if you are done shopping, if not keep adding the books. 

Step 04 Proceed to Checkout

Step #5 – The Checkout Process

Click the green button to continue.

Next, select your payment method. The obvious choice here is to choose a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, you can use our service to purchase the ship it to your country using PayPal. For details, please email us at

payment method - credit card

FINALLY, the last step! Hooray~! Just make sure your shipping address shown is correct. This should be your country’s shipping address. If not, just click the button below the address (see pic below) to change the address. And click the green button to finish the checkout process. Now, you might be wondering how come the shipping price is not shown? Unfortunately, must calculate the shipping price manually, so they won’t be able to show you the shipping price immediately. You should be getting email from them after you complete the order in regards to shipping price.

last step

Choose your shipping method. SAL is the ideal choice here, as EMS & FedEx delivery can be very expensive. SAL will take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

shipping method - SAL

I know this step by step tutorial was long and if you have any questions please leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help out. Please note that is not the only website available in Japan to order books for internationally delivery. I highly recommend Amazon Japan, which has a much simpler checkout process than

register for free amazon japan account - button

Product you want is not available for international shipping?

Use our proxy service and we ship the products to your country. Contact us at


  • Ron says:

    When I did everything, and checked out, it directed me to a page telling me to input a Japanese address. I already have a default address (My real one) and a japanese address(I used a tokyo local mcdonalds) but it urged me to input a japanese shipping address when I check out

    • wakuwakumono says:

      Hello Ron,
      I wrote this blog post a few months back and maybe it no longer works. You can post a screenshot here and I can take a look. Thanks.

  • jakob says:

    So will i be double charged then? As in charged for the manga & shipping, and then charged again by OPAS for them shipping it to me? or is it being shipped directly to me, not going through OPAS if I use the sites international shipping?

    • wakuwakumono says:

      You don’t need to use OPAS if they can ship directly to you.

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