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Dim Card EX2 Tamers

By December 23rd, 2022No Comments

P-Bandai Price: 3,300 JPY

Pre-Order Release Date: End of December 2021


DIM card is a data memory that can extend the appearance character and mission by inserting the “Vital Breath Digital Monster”. This product is a set of DIM cards that recorded the evolutionary routes of Gyrumon Terrier Mont Lenamon, which appears in the work to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the animation “Digimon Temers” broadcasted in 2001.


When inserted into the side of the “Vital Bless Digital Monster” body, “Digitama”, which is Digimon eggs in the vital breath, appears. In addition to the daily activities, you can foster by attaching the vital breath to your arms and dicimons hatched from Digitama, making missions focusing on various exercises. In this product, it is possible to evolve into the Vital value, winning rate, and the number of achievements of the mission, to the ultimate body of Gyrumon, the ultimate body of Terrier mon, Sakuyamon, which is the ultimate body of Lenamon, the ultimate body of Lenamon.

In addition, it works with a dedicated app “Digital Monster Vital Bresca Lab”, and you can read “Storage Capsules” and “Evolution Timer” by loading this product in vital breath. ※ “Storage capsule” × 4 pieces, “Evolution timer” × 4 pieces are added in the app for each target DIM card. ※ Item grant is one limit for one user. You can not get the item even if you purchase multiple Same DIM cards.


  • Gilmon DIM Card … 1
  • Terrier Mont Dim Card … 1
  • Lenamon DIM Card … 1



  • Each H about 85mm × W about 65mm × D about 5mm



  • Each PVC · ABS · EP



  • 8 years old or older




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