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Digimon Adventure Vol.1

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P-Bandai Price : 5940yen

Release Date: End of November 2021

From the Digimon series, the format series “The Digimon”, which is a set of cages and figures released in 1998, is reprinted as a NEW COLLECTION. The Digimon released at that time reviewed the coloring and modeling, and were powered up with the current technology. In addition to the lineup at that time, we will also add newly recorded Digimon and release “NEW COLLECTION vol.1”.

The details of the figure have been improved and the balance has been adjusted, and the details such as the characteristic fangs have been reviewed to increase the density with fine coloring. It has become a more powerful pose based on the conventional product.
The attached cage has been changed to a specification that the front door opens so that the figure can be easily taken out even if it is stacked and the display can be seen.
Since it can be arranged and stacked, a large volume display is possible by collecting the series.

In addition to the four types of Tyrannomon, Agumon, Betamon, Greymon, and MetalGreymon (blue) released in the past, Veemon Paildramon that appeared in the anime “Digimon Adventure 02” has been newly added.

In addition, the sequel after Vol.3, which added a new lineup in the future, is also under active development. (* Commercialization time undecided)

The Digimon (figure, cage type case) … 6 sets
(Tyrannomon, Agumon & Betamon, Greymon, MetalGreymon (blue), Veemon, Paildramon)

Product size
Figure (Tyrannomon) … H approx. 43 mm x W approx. 45 mm x D approx. 38 mm
Figure (Agumon) … H approx. 30 mm x W approx. 28 mm x D approx. 28 mm
Figure (Betamon) … H approx. 25 mm x W approx. 30 mm x D approx. 32 mm
Figure (Greymon) … H approx. 48 mm x W approx. 43 mm x D approx. 51 mm
Figure (MetalGreymon (blue)) … H approx. 48mm x W approx. 45mm x D approx. 48mm
Figure (Veemon) … H approx. 35 mm x W approx. 28 mm x D approx. 28 mm
Figure (Paildramon) … H approx. 48 mm x W approx. 42 mm x D approx. 43 mm
Cage-shaped case: Each H approx. 58 mm x W approx. 63 mm x D approx. 63 mm



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