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A BATHING APE or more popularly known as BAPE is a a Japanese fashion brand by Nigo in Harajuku in 1993. It offers men’s, women’s and children’s street wear. Nowhere Co. LTD., was established in Harajuku Tokyo in April 1, 1993 and started A BATHING APE and continued to expand it’s business worldwide through BAPE STORE, BAPEXCLUSIVE, BAPE KIDS and A BATHING APE PIRATE STORE. It has also created original patterns and characters such as APE HEAD, BAPE CAMO, BAPE STA, SHARK HOODIE and BABY MILO etc and has opened stores in the US, UK, France, China, and various Asian countries.


How to Order from A BATHING APE from Japan

1. First, you need to go to



2. Search for the item/s you want to purchase.

3. Copy the URL.



4. Paste the URL via this link below, you can put several URL links in the request form.



  • Once we receive your request, we will send you an invoice, including our service fee, domestic shipping fee (if any) and Paypal transaction fee.
  • Once you pay the invoice, we will purchase the item/s. We’ll let you know once we receive the item/s and send you a quote for the shipping fee.



Worldwide Shipping from Japan - WakuWakuMono Shopping Proxy


5. Receive the quote and pay for the invoice.

6. After you pay, the item/s will be purchased and you will receive a notification once the item/s arrive at the warehouse.

7. Pay for international shipping.



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