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Yahoo! JAPAN Auction

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Yahoo! JAPAN Auction

Yahoo! JAPAN Auction is a very popular online selling and buying platform in Japan. We included a guide to help you navigate the platform.

Everyday, millions of new and used items are being sold and bought. Companies and individual sellers list their item and buyers can either bid or purchase the items immediately. If you are looking for rare second-hand items that you are not able to find elsewhere, give Yahoo! JAPAN Auction a try, you might just find what you are looking for.


Steps in Buying Items from Yahoo! JAPAN Auction:

  1. Type/copy and paste in the URL box at the top of your webpage like the one below.

    Yahoo! JAPAN Auction URL

  2. Search for the item you are looking for in the search box. You can also narrow down on your search with the filter option.

Yahoo! JAPAN Auction Searchbox

3. Finally, once you find what you are looking for, please copy the URL link and submit a request for quote.

  • If the item is for auction or bidding, please include your maximum bid. Please note that we will send you a deposit invoice after we receive your request. If you win, we will send you the final merchandise invoice, including tax (if any), domestic shipping (if any), our service fee, and transaction fee. If you lose, we refund your payment.
  • For Buy It Now/Immediate Purchase item/s, WakuWakuMono can purchase the item/s immediately, on your behalf, after you pay the invoice we sent you.



Does Yahoo! JAPAN Auction ship to my country?

Most sellers do not ship overseas that is why you need to use a Japan proxy service like WakuWakuMono, to bid and purchase on your behalf.


Does Yahoo! JAPAN Auction have an English version?

Currently, Yahoo! JAPAN Auction only has a Japanese version. Please use Google Translate to translate the page.


Yahoo! JAPAN Auction Categories





Toys and Games


Books and Magazines










  • Once we receive your request, we will send you an invoice, including our service fee, domestic shipping fee (if any) and Paypal transaction fee.
  • Once you pay the invoice, we will purchase the item/s. We’ll let you know once we receive the item/s and send you a quote for the shipping fee.



Worldwide Shipping from Japan - WakuWakuMono Shopping Proxy




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