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Where to Buy Japanese Fashion Magazines

Where to Buy Japanese Fashion Magazines

Are you into Japanese fashion and don’t know where to buy Japanese fashion magazines? Did you know Amazon Japan ships over 2,000 magazines related to Men’s/Women’s fashions and lifestyle? To purchase the magazines, follow the steps below.

Vivi Magazine Scan

Register for an Amazon Japan Account

Unfortunately, Amazon account you have from your country (i.e. USA) won’t work with To create a new account and all you need is an email to sign up initially. Once you have an account, you will be able log-in to check the prices in your currency at the checkout.

register for free amazon japan account - button

Use Google Chrome Browser to translate from Japanese to English

Magazine section can be accessed by clicking the following link

Before (Without Google Chrome)

After (With Google Chrome)

Select the Genre

Select Female Fashion/Lifestyle or  Male Fashion/Lifestyle

Make sure For AmazonGlobal is selected. By selecting this, it will only show magazines available for international delivery.

japanese magazines foreign delivery

Magazine you want is not available for international shipping?

Use our proxy service and we ship the products to your country. Contact us at

To quickly find the magazine you want, please use the filter on the left column. Magazines can be filtered by title, publication frequency and publisher to name a few.

Add the Magazine to your Shopping Cart

Let’s quickly go over how you can go about purchasing a popular Vivi fashion magazine. At the product page, select Add to Cart.

Proceed to the checkout page. Here, you are asked to select the shipping address. Since this will be your first time using Amazon Japan account, enter your shipping address. Make sure to click Add an International Address. After entering the address, click Ship to this address to continue.

Select your payment method. Amazon Japan accepts major credit cards and gift cards (Must be Amazon Japan gift card).

Amazon Japan does not accept PayPal at the money but if you are interested in using PayPal to pay, please contact us.

Want to use PayPal to purchase from Amazon Japan?

Use our service to pay by PayPal to purchase your goods. Contact us at

Finally, we have arrived at the end. Review your order and if you are using the credit card to pay, you should see the amount in your currency. For this example, the currency is USD (U.S. Dollar). The amount you see is the exact amount it will be charged to the credit card. In addition, check with your credit card company and ask if they charge a foreign transaction fee. Most credit card companies these days don’t charge foreign transaction fees but better to check with them first so you don’t see any surprise charges on your bill.

The shipping & handling can be pretty high. If you don’t want to pay that much fee for shipping and plan to subscribe to the magazine for at least a year, we highly recommend you take advantage of our service to purchase the magazines. After we receive the magazine, we can ship to your country for much cheaper shipping fee. Interested? Just shoot us an email to

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