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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Sagittarius Seiya GOLD24

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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Sagittarius Seiya GOLD24
For the first time, the annual TAMASHII NATION annual figure festival will be shown online this year.

The 6th installment, which is a commemorative product, is the Saint Cloth Myth EX Sagittarius Seiya GOLD24. Seiya wearing the “Saint Seiya’s Cloth”, which symbolizes the story of “Saint Seiya”, wearing the brilliance of 24-karat gold. Sagittarius Seiya is plated with pure 24-karat gold plating on the entire sacred garment, a rare sight to behold. 

The product includes face parts with a variety of facial expressions. The bow and arrow symbolizes Sagittarius and wings to fly across the heavens. The gold plating gives a brilliance like no other whenever light shines on this Saint Seiya piece.

In addition, a large pedestal is included. The Sagittarius logo on the center of the pedestal is also plated in 24-karat gold, making it more brilliant against the matte black brushed material of the pedestal.

All good things come in great packaging and it includes this product. The outer box is is made with a matte black box with a GOLD 24 logo and the inside packaging is made entirely of gold paper, making it more premium.

  • TAMASHII Price: 22,000yen
  • Pre-Order Release Date: End of November, 2020
  • Height: about 170mm
  • Main product materials: ABS, PVC, die cast




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