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Angelic Pretty

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Angelic Pretty is one of the biggest Lolita fashion brands in Japan. They have a range of products from dresses, cardigans, socks, bags and a lot more.

Lolita fashion has come a long way, from it’s humble beginnings in the 1980s, it has now gained a worldwide following.

Characterized by doll-like manner of clothing and makeup, this fashion subculture from Japan is a mix of kawaii (cuteness) and Victorian fashion.

Although its unique feature is cuteness, Lolita fashion has a lot of categories but the main ones are: classic, sweet and Gothic. 

This brand is a good place to find pieces to channel your inner Lolita!



Each link is divided into categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for:


One Piece:


Angelic Pretty Shanghai Doll One Piece

Rakuten Price: 42,000yen




Angelic Pretty Topping Heart Overknees White X Pink

Rakuten Price: 4,690yen


Hair Accessories:


Angelic Pretty Lily Carbony Pink Lace Headdress

Rakuten Price: 8,800yen 




Angelic Pretty Shanghai Doll Pink Blouse

Rakuten Price: 20,000yen




Angelic Pretty Ribbon Necklace

Rakuten Price: 3,990yen




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