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United States of America
Let me start by saying that I had never used a proxy service before. I wasn't familiar with it, nor did I understand how it worked. That all changed when I watched a youtube video that showed WakuWakuMono's services. I was a little skeptical about things, but the person I emailed was very receptive and answered any and all questions I might have had. I bought an item from a Yahoo Japan site that wouldn't have normally been sent to the US. I paid him what was needed, he bought it for me on my behalf, I paid for shipping and he sent it out to me. It arrived within 5 business days as I used EMS shipping, which can be more expensive, but it gets to you in a faster amount of time. My first experience was a good one, and I'm very impressed with how smoothly things ran. I'm glad to know that if there is anything I would like to purchase in Japan, I have a service I can use in the future. Highly recommended.