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Hi Guys, This is my first time using this service as a UK customer, and this comment is for reference and my actual experience from using, please be aware that this is sincere and a genuine comment in regards to wakuwakumono services. Okay so where do I start lol, ok when I first emailed my general enquiry to or Kim, I was hesitant and very skeptical on using this service, because of my own negative experiences from internet companies, scams and or all sorts of dodgy websites. But honestly I'm glad I used this website and have I no regrets, I've been trying to get hold of the "street fighter V volcanic collectors edition " from Japan, plus it's very rare to get in the UK or USA, ( check / but had the item in stock , so I contacted wakuwakumono through their website by email and sure enough I got a instant reply, Kim was responding to my enquiry plus he carefully explained the processes of purchasing the item on my behalf and how he would process this for me. I was still unsure but I actually didn't know he had a YouTube channel until he mentioned to check his reviews, so I checked and made sure it was legit. This re assured me that this is genuine service plus there are lots of positive feedback on the YouTube comment section. So I thought " what the heck, I give it a go" lol, so I'd agreed and a few days later, he got the delivered item at his address plus I asked for pics of the item, just incase it was in good condition, and again Kim was kind enough to send me pics of the item, So from the day I sent the payment which was 15/05/17 and I received my item in the UK on the 25/05/17, So within in 2 weeks I got my item, I'm so happy and very grateful to Kim for being a good guy to me, customer service was really good, 5 out of 5 for me, I would recommend this to my family and friends, is very trustworthy and reliable, take my word for it and my positive experience. Now my friends/family are interested in getting imported stuff from Japan and telling me to buy it on there behalf, lol So in summary. Highly recommended, honest and very reliable. The process was simple and I got my item really quick, Two thumbs up from me Rav from the UK ( thanks Kim )