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OMG!!! I found a true treasure in this wakuwakumono service!!! I'm not sure if it is Kim or Aoyama or both who answer my emails so quickly and politely but I'll give a shout out to both of them! You are amazing and patient and detailed oriented (which I love) and very pleasant to deal with. I'm a frequent shopper, if I like something I want it and I have made multiple orders with days of each other and Kim and Aoyama have dealt with my crazy shopaholic shenanigans so professionally and graciously. I don't want to shop with anyone else. I have yet to explore other websites with wakuwakumono but I promise you I will. Your order form is super easy to use even for a beginner like me! I almost couldn't believe how simple it was. Your mascot is adorable. I love seeing that cute little dog face everytime I open an email. I'm just blown away by your service and you can totally count on me returning for a second, third and fourth time! Excellent job!!! Thank you so much. I'm sorry for the long speech, I just wanted to give the gold star glowing review wakuwakumono deserves. They are the best hands up and down!