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United States
Ahhh, this was so exciting. It was my first time using a service like this. I found an osomatsu-san plushie on otamart that I couldn't buy due to my location, and stumbled across this site when trying to figure out why I couldn't purchase that item for myself. After learning that service like this existed, I gave the link to the item I wanted and the interactions were speedy and incredibly helpful for a first timer like me. I am a nervous person when it comes to conversations, even over the internet, and was hesitant to reply to the email containing the price quote because I thought I wasn't allowed. Much to my relief, interaction with WakuWakuMono's Kim was hospitable and patient. They explain everything well, and took care of everything quick. It felt like I was talking with a trusted friend. I decided to leave this review even before receiving my package (as it will take a while to get here), solely because I enjoyed my experience here so much and felt eased, also I just feel that Kim deserves more praise for their services. I just trust it, and I know my satisfaction with this service will only increase once the plush is in my hands. I highly recommend this, I am sure anyone would be as satisfied as I was.