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United States
Found this site while looking for methods to order some out of print Blu-ray sets from which does have an option to use global shipping but not for all the items available, or in many cases when buying items sold by Amazon marketplace sellers. Such was this case where the Blu-ray sets did not qualify for international shipping. Contacting WakuWakuMono received a prompt response and after providing links to the items, Kim sent a reply with an attached image of the Amazon shopping cart verifying the exact items in question from the selected marketplace seller while also explaining the various shipping options available, as well as an invoice for the purchase prices and service fee for obtaining the Blu-ray sets if I was interested. Everything looked good so after sending payment the items were purchased and shipped within Japan, after which another email with attached images was received verifying their arrival and condition before being packed to send internationally. Again the shipping options and costs were discussed covering the differences in SAL and EMS shipping and after selecting the shipping option a second invoice was sent covering those costs, after which the items were shipped. The shipping using EMS was extremly fast and I received the Blu-ray sets in the mail two days later well packed and in excellent condition. Highly recommend this service, communication was timely and comprehensive covering all the steps of the process and a great help in purchasing items from Japan that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.