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How to Buy from Japan

By October 29, 2020September 19th, 2021No Comments

You want to buy something from Japan but the sellers, both online and instore, doesn’t ship to other countries?

Advantages of using a WakuWakuMono proxy shopping service:
WakuWakuMono is a proxy shopping company that allows you to buy things you want to buy in Japan.

  • Purchase from different websites and consolidate items into one package and ship abroad.
  • No need to register to different websites.




One of the biggest Japanese online marketplace. From electronics to apparels to everything else, you’ll be able to find them here.



Buy new or secondhand items such as clothes, idol merchandise, Pokemon items and so much more. 

*Note that some sellers from Mercari need us to comment on items before we can buy, so we comment and wait for the seller to respond. Reservations on items are also popular, when you see this 様専用 or 専用 or 様, it means that the item is reserved for someone else.


Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions

Yahoo! Japan Auctions is the largest Japanese web auction portal. You determine how much you want us to bid on the listing. At times, the listing has a Buy It Now or Early Termination option that enables us to buy the item at its advertised price.


Amazon Japan

Find exclusive Japan merchandise via Amazon Japan.



If you are looking for comics, manga or doujinshi, you can find them here in Melonbooks.



  • Browse thru Japanese websites. Once you find the item/s you are looking for, copy the URL.

  • Fill out the request form by clicking the link below. Kindly include the link or links to the items you want us to purchase for you.




  • Once we receive your request, we will send you an invoice, including our service fee, domestic shipping fee (if any) and Paypal transaction fee.
  • Once you pay the invoice, we will purchase the item/s. We’ll let you know once we receive the item/s and send you a quote for the shipping fee.


Worldwide Shipping from Japan - WakuWakuMono Shopping Proxy




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