COPIC Sketch V:Violet (Open Stock)




1. How do I pay for the items?
If you want to proceed with the purchase, I can email you the PayPal invoice. 
2. Do you need my shipping address?
No, I only ship to the shipping address shown on your Paypal account. This is automatically shown after you pay the Paypal invoice. Please double check to make sure your shipping address is correct
3. How long does it take for you the ship the pencils?
After you pay, takes 3-6 business days for me to purchase the pencils.
4. Where do you purchase the COPIC Sketch Markers from?
I purchase directly from art supply stores/online stores in Japan. You can be rest assured these are genuine COPIC brand.
5. What is the minimum purchase?
Minimum purchase is any 5 COPIC markers.
6. Do you wholesale?